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# 1.Juicy J-Rubberband Business 2 Intro
# 2.Juicy J-A Zip And A Double Cup Prod By Lex Luger
# 3.Juicy J-So Damn F cked Up Prod By Lex Luger
# 4.Juicy J-Me Prod By Sonny Digital
# 5.JuIcy J-Durr She Go Feat Travis Porter Prod By Juicy J Billy Wes Teezio
# 6.Juicy J-Celebration Prod By Big Germ
# 7.Juicy J-Shine Feat Billy Wes Prod By ID Labs Big Germ Edan
# 8.Juicy J-Paid For Bitch I Own You Feat Curren y Prod By ID Labs Big Germ
# 9.Juicy J-Stoner s Night Prod By Juicy J Teezio
# 10.Juicy J-Money Money To Make Money Prod By Lex Luger
# 11.Juicy J-Inhale Feat Machine Gun Kelly Prod By Lex Luger
# 12.Juicy J-Who Da Neighbors Prod By Lex Luger
# 13.Juicy J-Bought Some Guns Yesterday Prod By Sonny Digital
# 14.Juicy J-Met The Wrong Gun Prod By Lex Luger Ur Boy Black
# 15.Juicy J-Smoke That Bitch Feat VABP Prod By Lex Luger
# 16.Juicy J-Bombay Gin Dance Prod By Lex Luger
# 17.Juicy J-Erryday Feat Wiz Khalifa Prod By Lex Luger
# 18.Juicy J-Killa Prod By Lex Luger
# 19.Juicy J-Introduce Feat Don Trip Prod By Lex Luger
# 20.Juicy J-Pills Weed Pussy Feat Project Pat Prod By Lex Luger
# 21.Juicy J-Get To Meet A G Prod By Lex Luger
# 22.Juicy J-Strapped With The Strap Prod By Lex Luger
# 23.Juicy J-White Girl Prod By Lex Luger
# 24.Juicy J-Make It Happen Feat Casey Veggies Prod By Lex Luger
# 25.Juicy J-Pussy Between Yo Legs Feat Billy Wes Prod By ID Labs Big Germ
# 26.Juicy J-Street Shit Prod By Lex Luger
# 27.Juicy J-What The F ck Is Yall On Prod By Lex Luger
# 28.Juicy J-Rubberband Business 2 Outro

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